Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Guilts & Frustrations & (apparently) Kij Johnson

For those few loyal followers out there left wondering what has happened to this blog, I'll give you a short explanation of why I've been inactive. But first off, I'd like to confirm that this blog is not dead.

Basically, I had a few issues where I was picking up the wrong books at the wrong time that simply did not grab my interest. And then I became captivated by some really great stuff any other genres. This site is genre specific, so I can't exactly blog about those books. Explanation over.

In the meantime, I ran across two great short stories that I'd like to share with everyone.



illustration by CHRIS BUZELLI

Published on Tor.com. This story is a surrealist piece of fantasy with a strong flavor video game culture in there. It's hard to explain. You'll see what I mean. And without giving away too many spoilers, I feel like the story has some strong metaphors for the common tribulations of a little girl growing up in a cliquish world.

The other story is--goodness me... I'm only now making this connection but it's also written by Kij Johnson. Okay. I just became a big fan.

Spar by Kij Johnson
Anyway, this story was a nebula winner published by Clarkesworld. In the most sensationalized and over simplified way I can imagine it could be stated, the story is about a human being having sex with an alien because she's got nothing better to do. Yeah, it's even better than the description.

Enjoy the wonderful free stories of the interwebz that I've found for you! XD

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  1. Hmm. I'll have to check those out sometime this week, especially Ponies.