Monday, August 9, 2010

Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan

The premise of this series is an impressive hook on it's own. Every man, and by man I mean mammalian male, on the planet has spontaneously died a horrific death all at the same time, save one average schmoe and the capuchin helper monkey he was training during the near apocalypse, a.k.a. Gendercide. His name is Yorick. He's an escape artist--how appropriate. And he's about as regular as they come, and as loveable as your run of the mill protagonist is gonna get.

So are you hooked yet? I was.

Need to know more? I wouldn't.

The opening alone and all the mystery and intrigue that came with it could have been enough to get me through all 10 volumes (60 issues) of these graphic novels. But the characters were so full of life and believable, I was left satisfied by each issue in the series. And my expectations could not have been higher for this.

I've never before cried while reading a graphic novel, and I got at least (eh hem) a little teary eyed during a few of these scenes. 

What more can be said without spoiling a real work of art? 

This has depth. Political and social intelligence. A storyline that spins so many threads its mind boggling how tight of a knot Vaughan is able to weave them into for the ending. Real characters making real mistakes and lamenting over their idiotic pasts. Even the monkey! The freaking monkey is so awesome... It just kills me.

There's plenty of humor. And considering this is a sort of post apocalypse themed work, it's amazing how funny it can get at times, which only leaves a greater punch for the emotional gritty and violent scenes.

Oh and there's sex, nudity, profanity, GLBT themes and all that good stuff in there as well. For the dissenters of that point, how could there not be when there's one man on a planet filled with millions of sex-deprived ladies?

My recommendation. If you haven't read it, READ IT! Devour it. Love it.

I know I did. <3

Written by 
Brian K. Vaughan 
Illustrated by 
Pia Guerra 
Goran Sudzuka 
Paul Chadwick 
Inked by 
Jose Marzan Jr.

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  1. Excellent.

    I read this series as individual issues; I haven't yet gotten any of the trades to read it at once.

    Great stuff, and a good jump-in for anyone who's not yet tried any Vertigo comics.